1. SILENCE AMERICA We continue to speak out vigorously on issues that affect our lives, opposing legislation that restrict the right of non-profit organizations to educate and advocate.

  2. CHILD CARE We continue to support accessible and affordable quality child care.

  3. DOMESTIC VIOLENCE We continue to support expansion and enforcement of the “Violence Against Women Act I & II” which treat domestic violence as a violent crime while supporting education and providing services.

  4. HEALTH CARE We continue to support quality, accessible, and affordable health care with guidelines to mandate standards of care and to support legislation that prevents insurers from denying, canceling, refusing to renew, or changing the premiums, terms, or conditions of coverage based on genetic information. We continue to oppose government interference in a woman’s right to make decisions about her reproductive health and life, including her need for mammograms and other necessary care. We oppose all attempts to redefine rape that punish women.

  5. STEM CELL RESEARCH We continue to support unlimited funding, both public and private for life-saving stem cell research.

  6. ORGAN AND TISSUE DONATION We continue to support efforts at all levels to raise awareness about the importance of donating organs and tissues.

  7. SOCIAL SECURITY/MEDICARE We continue to oppose privatization and benefit cuts.

  8. “MESSIANIC JEWS” We continue to encourage our constituent organizations to deny membership to anyone who proselytizes Jews or seeks to accomplish the conversion of Jews.

  9. TRAFFICKING OF WOMEN We continue to urge all governments to make the elimination of trafficking a priority.

  10. HATE CRIMES We continue to call for upgrading and vigorous enforcement of “hate crime” laws.

  11. SEPARATION OF CHURCH & STATE We continue to call on Congress and State legislatures to preserve the principle of separation of church & state in every action, especially in the area of faith-based initiatives, and including opposition of officially sponsored prayer at school programs.

  12. PUBLIC SCHOOLS We continue to support public schools as vital to democracy, while carefully monitoring public funding of private/parochial schools.

  13. ELECTION REFORM We continue to urge the passage of standards for voting procedures.

  14. JUDICIAL NOMINATIONS We continue to monitor and oppose nominees that would significantly affect our fundamental values.

  15. THE UNITED NATIONS We continue to express outrage at any event that equates Zionism with Racism and to call upon the UN to grant complete and permanent membership to Israel within a regional group.

  16. ISRAEL We continue to affirm our support for the democratically elected government of the State of Israel and urge bipartisan support for Israel at all levels of government.

  17. GLOBAL WARMING We continue to urge that the United States provide global leadership to monitor and curb global climate change.

  18. THE ECONOMY We continue to respond to economic declines by calling on Congress and the Administration to fund and quickly implement housing, economic, and job assistance to the states and local governments as needed.

  19. THE ENVIRONMENT We continue to encourage our constituents to make the environment a priority for their organizations and in their personal lives, while urging becoming activists through education and communication.

  20. ECONOMIC EQUITY FOR WOMEN We urge stricter enforcement of pay equity laws and improvement in restrictive pension policies and support measures that provide safeguards for women against workplace pay discrimination.

The Federation of Jewish Women's Organizations of Maryland is the Oldest Jewish Women's Federation in the Country

Founded 1916


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