ADAT CHAIM SISTERHOOD 10989 Red Run Blvd, Suite 109, Owings Mills, MD 21117 Tina Asher 6, President (410) 913‐1416 email: talkinteeny@comcast.net email: adatchaim18@gmail.com

AMIT CHILDREN2800 Stone Cliff Drive, Unit 112 contact: Robbie Pearlstein, Mid-Atlantic Regional Director 410-484-2223email: robbiep@amitchildren.org Russell J Hendel, Sandra Willner, and Barbara Bloom, Co-Presidents AMIT BaltimoreChapter, Debbie Moed, President New York Chapter.

ASSOCIATED WOMEN101 W. Mt. Royal Avenue Baltimore, MD 21201, Nina Rosenzwog, President, Professional: Allison Baumwald, Vice President, Women's Philanthropy 410-727-4828:email: womensdept@associated.org

BETH EL CONGREGATION SISTERHOOD, 8101 Park Heights Avenue Baltimore, MD 21208
Co-Presidents for the 2018-2019 year are Dale Kahn, Home Phone: 410-486-1414
Cell Phone: 410-499-3155 Email: daledkinteriors@aol.com, and Gloria Luchinsky, Home Phone:
410-653-0153, Cell Phone: 443-463-3062 Email: glorialu@comcast.net

BETH ISRAEL CONGREGATION SISTERHOOD 3706 Crondall Lane, Owings Mills, Maryland 21117 Penny Kafka, President, email:pennykafka@verizon.net phone:(410) 526-5573

BETH TFILOH CONGREGATION SISTERHOOD 3300 Old Court Road, Pikesville, Maryland 21208 Marcia Leavey, Co-president (410)484-1102,Sonia Maltinsky, Co-President (410) 484-4648 email: mleavey6@gmail.com

BRANDEIS NATIONAL COMMITTEE, BALTIMORE CHAPTER Suzanne Strutt, Co-President (410) 561-5516 email: swstrutt@verizon.net, Co-President Diane Burkom (410) 486‐4972 email: burkom@verizon.net

CHIZUK AMUNO CONGREGATION SISTERHOOD 8100 Stevenson Road, Pikesville, Maryland 21208 email:  info@chizukamuno.org 410-484-6400 Ruth E. Silber, President 410-218-8545 email:baberuthe@comcast.net

CHANA (A program of the Associated) contact number: 410-234-0030 email: info@chanabaltimore.org
Representative - Joy Katzenberg(410) 560-2747 joykatzenberg@gmail.com

COVENANT GUILD, INC. 1 Regalia Ct #B Owings Mills, MD 21117 Sharon Stadd, President
(443) 838-4285 Shrnspen4271@yahoo.com

HADASSAH GREATER BALTIMORE 3723 Old Court Road Suite 205, Baltimore, Maryland 21208 baltimore.chapter@hadassah.org (410) 484-9490 Barbara Fink, President

ISRAEL BONDS MARYLAND WOMEN'S DIVISION Linda S. Elman (443) 471‐2783 iselman1@me.com

JEWISH CARING NETWORK Stacey Goldenberg, Director of Operations (410) 602-6075, sgoldenberg@jewishcardingnetwork.org,email: info@jewishwomensfed.org

JEWISH WOMEN'S INTERNATIONAL, LILLIE STRAUS/HOPE CHAPTER Roz Asch,Co- President (410)653-7833 Sandy Shannon, Co-President (410)602-0664 email: Rosiland.asch@comcast.net

KAPPA GUILD, INC. 4327 Crestheights Road, Baltimore, MD 21215, Co-President,Sheila Mentz, (410)484-8215 email: morahsheila@aol.com Co-Presidient Miriam Stern bubbysternmail@aol.com 410‐602‐0175

LEVINDALE AUXILIARY, INC 2434 West Belvedere Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 21215-5299, Rochelle Bohrer (410) 922-9672 email: levindaleauxiliary@lifebridgehealth.org

MILDRED MINDELL CANCER FOUNDATION Linda Barton, President (443)870-3487, email:mildredmindellcancerfoundation@gmail.com

MIRIAM LODGE, K.S.B., INC. 1 Gristmill Court, # 306 Baltimore MD 21208, Norma Samson, Co-President, (410) 484-3074 email info to: normasamson3@comcast.net Terru Lusk, Co-President 410‐764‐1666 email: scotchandsoda1@verizon.net

MOSES MONTEFIORE ANSHE EMUNAH SISTERHOOD 7000 Rockland Hills Drive, Baltimore, Maryland 21209  Marlene Resnick, President (410)358-1314 email: Contact Us

NER TAMID GREENSPRING VALLEY SISTERHOOD 6214 Pimlico Road, Baltimore, Maryland 21209  Abby Sattell Co-President (443)622-7454 Yael Goldstein, Co-President (216) 870-1156 email: abbysattell@gmail.com or schony89@mail.com For Info nertamid@netzero.net

RODGER C. SNYDER MEMORIAL, LADIES AUXILIARY #117, JEWISH WAR VETERANS, Dolores Snyder, President, (410) 486-8072 11 Slade Avenue #809, Baltimore,MD 21208 dvsnyder2@verizon.net

SINAI HOSPTIAL MITZVAH FOUNDATION 2401 West Belvedere Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 21215-5271 410-601-4438 email: mguy@lifebridgehealth.org

TEMPLE OHEB SHALOM SISTERHOOD 7310 Park Heights Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland  21208 Susan Yaffe, President (443) 352‐3800, email:susanyaffeevents@comcast.net

WOMEN OF BALTIMORE HEBREW CONGREGATION 7401 Park Heights Avenue Baltimore, MD 21208-5490 Debbie Shpritz, President 410-764-1587 x270 email: sisterhood@bhcong.org , dshpritz@gmail.com 

WOMEN OF HAR SINAI CONGREGATION 2905 Walnut Avenue, Owings Mills, Maryland 21117. Co-President, Sherri Boxer Bell (410) 833‐2409 email: boxerbell@gmail.com and Co-President, Iris Kahn, (410) 363‐3193email: : ikahn308@aol.com

The Federation of Jewish Women's Organizations of Maryland is the Oldest Jewish Women's Federation in the Country

Founded 1916


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